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Welcome To The Long Island Housing Partnership...

25th Anniversary Video

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25th Anniversary Video...

The lack of affordable housing in Long Island has a major impact in all aspects of Long Island society. Long Island Housing Partnership is a not-for-profit housing developer here to help.

Building Long Island's Future, One Home At A Time

LIHP has been providing affordable housing to Long Islanders for over 20 years.
Before you Find your Dream House -- Let LIHP Find You a Dream Mortgage. Let LIHP's Mortgage Program guide you from the planning to the purchasing.

NY Rising

Recovery Resources Center

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Housing Recovery Program

The NY Rising Housing Recovery Program was established to provide assistance to eligible homeowners’ property that was damaged as a result of Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Irene or Tropical Storm Lee. Assistance provided includes home repair/ rehabilitation, mitigation/elevation, reimbursement and/or buyouts. Receipt of funding under this program may not duplicate disaster-related assistance you have already received or may be eligible for from other federal, state, local, and/or private sources of disaster- related assistance, including, but not limited to, homeowners and/or flood insurance proceeds.

The following property types may be eligible for assistance: Single Family Residences, Condominiums, Co-ops, Mobile/ Manufactured Homes. For eligibility information, program details and to apply online go to or call 1-855-NYS-Sandy.

Applicants who are deemed eligible for participation in the NY Rising Housing Recovery Program will work with an assigned customer representative to determine the best and most cost-effective assistance package for your property.  Property owners will need to provide documentation along with their full and complete application for assistance. This information may be uploaded where identified in the online application OR may be submitted during meetings with an assigned customer representative. After completing and submitting an application, homeowners will be contacted by a housing recovery customer representative who will work closely with them throughout the rest of the application process to determine the best package of assistance to address individual needs and will work alongside the homeowners until all the work they are eligible for is completed.

The Long Island Housing Partnership has received funding to aid eligible homeowners, up to $1,500 - as long as funds are available, to provide new clothes washer and dryer machines. Funding for this program was made possible by our generous lending partner JP Morgan Chase.

For more information and to receive an application, please click here to fill out a request form or call the Long Island Housing Partnership at 631-435-4710 and ask about Hurricane Sandy Recovery & Relief Program - Washer/Dryer program.

Architects, Engineers and Contractors

Before a local building department approves and issues building permits, they may require that a licensed architect and/or engineer submit stamped plans and/or other submissions. If the Program Eligible Cost is $10,000 or more, the Homeowner is required to consult with an architect and/or engineer after they receive their award letter. Architects and/or engineers can perform a number of services, such as getting construction plans approved by the building department, helping the Homeowner find a Contractor, assisting with leveling construction bids, monitoring construction progress and quality, advising the Homeowner during construction, and monitoring Contractor performance. The Program has included a 10% allocation which is built into the project eligible cost for the expense of hiring a licensed architect or engineer for professional design services related to construction. If a Homeowner wants to be reimbursed for this cost they must submit proof that an architect or engineer was hired.

Homeowners will select their own Contractor. General construction contractors may participate in the NY Rising Housing Recovery Program if they meet minimum program requirements and have the capability to provide construction services for single family rehabilitation or reconstruction projects, including elevation of dwellings in the flood plain. The following is a brief summary of the program requirements.

Contractor Minimum Eligibility Requirements:
- Licensing: Must be licensed in the community where the work is to be performed;
- Insurance: Must carry the minimum insurance required by the community where the work is to be performed;
- Bonding: Must provide payment and performance bonds for contracts in excess of $100,000

The Homeowner will be responsible for negotiating the final costs of construction with their Contractor. The Homeowner will be responsible for funding any costs incurred in excess of their grant award.

Hurrican Sandy Recovery and Relief Program

Interim Mortgage Assistance Payments

Interim Mortgage Assistance (IMA) may be available for homeowners who are eligible participants in the NY Rising Housing Recovery Repair or Reconstruction facing difficulties paying their mortgage notes due to increased housing expenses.

Mortgage Counseling Available

The Long Island Housing Partnership works with homeowners on a one- to- one basis who are facing problems meeting their mortgage payments because of Hurricane Sandy.  LIHP will help homeowners by working with the lending institution in order to establish communications to insure that families are able to stay in their homes where possible.

Are you interested in buying a home but do not know where to start? Are you wondering if homeownership is a good option for you? Do you have questions about how to get a mortgage?
Do you want to know how to prepare your finances so you can afford to buy a home in the future?

Welcome to the Long Island Housing Partnership's Online Homebuyer Education Course, presented by Citi.

For two decades, we have been helping families purchase their first home on Long Island. Buying a home can be a long and intimidating process, but we are here to help. By taking this course, you will be on your way to becoming a first-time homebuyer.

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